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Sunil Padwal

Born in 1968, Sunil Padwal trained as a graphic designer at the Sir J.J. School of Applied Art. Thereafter he has worked with some of India's leading publication and advertising agencies as illustrator, visualiser and then as consulting art director. Encouraged by Harsh Goenka, industrialist, art collector and patron-in-chief, to take up art seriously, Padwal held his first solo exhibition in 1994. Since then he has shown his works widely, both in India and abroad.

An artist with a difference, his creativity explores the three-dimensional, juxtaposing wood and metal with paints. There are no distinctive lines between the frame and the framed in his works. According to Padwal, "the painting I create is more of an art object, as I use wood and metal along with the paints. I have always believed in letting the creative force within find its own expression... these creations are a tribute to the innate beauty and powerful dignity of natural materials put to right use."

Sunil Padwal says, ..."my paintings are a mixture of the classical and the modern form of art and from the beginning I have been influenced by British and American graffiti art and the Russian icons." He does not use ancient culture nor does he allude to mythology or for that matter delve into folk tradition. As a result Padwal's works are unfettered by restrictive norms. And from this lack of restriction has emerged the artist with his own unique style, his very own personal signature. "It's a simple form of art," he says, "which needs no explanations, no philosophy, no history, no titles..." But by using a diverse range of materials in different permutations and combinations, he still leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.
His works have a single common link - the human figure, enigmatic yet familiar, in all its complexity, its triumphs and despairs, its mysteries and doubts. His figures are dark and brooding. The quiet desperation in his work leads him to minimalise his figure. Yet in the uncovering of the layers that make up each figure he reveals new facets of what he is trying to say.
Sunil Padwal's works have a universal appeal. Although imbued with a restless energy, his works are contrarily, completely still and display a sense of contentment and peace. His craftmanship is exemplary and the symbolism exciting. He is an artist who combines the cerebral with innocence of spirit in the most sublime manner.
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