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was conceptualised to export the idea and form of Indian art beyond its historical borders and into the contemporary, modern world, both east and west of its sources. It aims to curate a series of exhibitions emphasizing the historical significance of contemporary Indian art, whilst at the same time documenting the role of artists in India and abroad.


Indian art continues to gain tremendous international recognition and awareness, as a result of being promoted by major auction houses like Christie's and Sotheby's. Consequently, with its commitment to contemporary art, assists the viewer to experience and understand the visual language by broadening the thematic and stylistic spectrum of the works exhibited. These exhibitions are representative of some of the finest works from established artists as well as from the most promising, emerging talent in India today.


Contemporary Indian art is vibrant and eclectic, expressing various stylistic trends and influences and resulting in an idiom that is both modern and Indian in its ethos. We, at , not only provide a platform for the finest Indian art but also endeavour to address the larger concerns of society.